There is of Grand-Large in the Air!

An architecture which gives all way in the light of the ocean…
As of your arrival, you will discover an un-spoilable view on the ocean.

The hotel, entirely turned towards the sea, is located vis-a-vis the single exit of maritime-roads of Brest. The “GOULET” narrow part delimited by the Lighthouse of Portzic and the Point of the Spanish is the place of required passage of the sailing-ships, commercial boats but also of the submarine nuclear and other boats of our national-navy.

Do you wish to remain with the hotel Belvédère but do you still hesitate? To help you to decide to you, we place at your disposal a gallery photographs who will allow you to discover the interior of the establishment, the rooms, the breakfast room, the garden, the neighborhoods…The hotel will not have any more a secrecy for you!

Are you conquered by the hotel Belvédère and do you wish to remain there?

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Take the time to discover these pictures gallery to help you get a better idea of comfort and quality of service offered by the hotel